Saturday, January 4, 2014

Celluar Games: Castle Clash

  Hello again, 
Tonight I'm going to write about my experience with Castle Clash, another one of the games I added to my collection upon purchasing this phone, which I downloaded after being enthralled by the tactical interest of setting defenses against other players. Unfortunately, this did not last long as the wait for upgrading the in game buildings began to stretch from minutes to hours and ultimately days.

Undeterred by this horrible unfair time suck I am still plodding along, bidding my time with a current ranking of 15,103 out of 100,103. The game has a simple lay out with a equally simple concept; train your immortal heroes to plunder gold from other player to build your little base thing. You spend that money to reinforce your walls and defensive towers. Your are not completely without means of your own, you have several gold mines and "mana" things that produce enough to hire your little troops (which are slaughtered and have to be "recreated" or whatever.) Of course, if you'd like an advantage over other players you can use your hard earned real life gold to purchase virtual monopoly money.

It had a large problem with "sex-ting" which made me uncomfortable. 

You can acquire shards to hire new and more powerful heroes to help you conquer your unsuspecting neighbors.

The graphics have been upgraded several times since my original download and remain at a 2d slanted view. The fighting in the game is limited to dropping "magic" arrows, meteors and your troops to take the enemies gold. You can only attack if they haven't a "shield" up or if they are online. If you are in the middle of a battle when the person with the account logs on, you automatically lose the game. All and all, it's a little repetitive and boring; not paying for the "shards" and gold puts you at an unfair advantage to those that have money to spend upping their ranking on a cell phone game.

The main problem with this game is not so much in making in game money, but keeping it. Once you've upgraded all your crap, it only takes a couple hours for it to come to fruition. Unfortunately, if your offline someone will come along, take all of your money and mana crap and leave you high and dry. The only way to avoid this is to purchase a shield (or get one after being "raped" by another player) but nobodies got time for that "Ima protect my virtual money so I can best Peter Griffin in the rankings! (several weeks ago a user with this name was 1#)."
It is of course a game to kill time as you wait for your cab or for your lessons to start... For it's flaws, it's alright. 

Oh and before I forget, your heroes also have skill sets and things you can improve with experience and sacrifices. Yes, your heroes are cannibals that not only consume strange green slime balls generated by the hero altar, but also other heroes to gain XP points.

A heart warming experience for sure.
Image courtesy of Gamezebo

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